July 23, 2018

Meet Jack

The Court Clinic provides oversight and management of the various mental health courts in Hamilton County (Municipal, Felony, Veterans), working closely with the Courts and community partners involved with those specialized court dockets. We want to share a story about a Felony Mental Health Court client.

Jack was admitted to Mental Health Court for a charge of permitting drug abuse. He had a lengthy mental health history, suffering from delusional beliefs that led to repeated hospitalizations.

Upon admission to Mental Health Court, he had limited insight into his mental illness and was not taking his medication.  Over time he began to trust the treatment team at Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health (GCB), a Mental Health Court partner.   On the recommendation of the treatment team and the Judge, Jack entered residential treatment at the Crossroads Center, where he was able to obtain stability and sobriety.  He became compliant with his medication agreeing to take a monthly injection.

Upon his release back to the community, Jack began to engage in group and individual treatment, becoming very involved with the Wellness Center and socializing with members of the community.  Jack realized that his mental health stability and sobriety went hand-in-hand.  He became an important member of his treatment groups, as well as a role model in Mental Health Court.  His relationship with his wife and the rest of his family also improved greatly throughout the course of his time in Mental Health Court.  Jack successfully graduated from Mental Health Court last year, with many family members in attendance supporting him at graduation.  As this was Jack’s first felony, he was granted Intervention in Lieu of Conviction and his case dismissed with the charge sealed from his record.