Central Clinic Behavioral successfully promotes lasting change for those served. We believe that measuring the impact of services is vital in order to learn, grow, and ultimately meet the needs of the community. We consistently measure the outcomes of the persons we serve and analyze our processes. Our outcomes clearly reflect the improvement we observe daily.

Our outcome and performance improvement initiatives are directed toward four critical, functional areas of the agency: 1) effectiveness of services, 2) satisfaction of our clients, stakeholders, and personnel, 3) accessibility of services to all, and 4) efficiency of our processes.

Examples of our most recent outcomes in these categories are listed below:

  • Effectiveness: Clients receiving clinical care within Adult Services, CDC Behavioral Health Services, and Court Clinic Treatment improved their overall functioning as measured by the Daily Living Activities Scale (DLA-20 ©). After six months of treatment, 49% of adult clients achieved significant improvement.
  • Satisfaction: 98% of clients report that they are satisfied with personnel at Central Clinic Behavioral Health helping them to improve their lives.
  • Accessibility:
    • The Child and Family Treatment Center diagnostically assessed 450 children/youth in the last year – almost 20% of those clients were able to walk in and be assessed without an appointment.
    • FAIR (Family Access to Integrated Recovery) assessed 1,055 clients and 659 (63%) of those were able to walk in and be assessed without an appointment.
  • Efficiency: In the last year, over 21,000 clients were served by Central Clinic Behavioral Health; over 406,000 hours of work providing clinical, preventative, administrative support, advocacy, collaboration, and care coordination services were provided by 278 personnel, within our 24 programs.

Impact means everything. Read about the impact Central Clinic has had on the community in our more recent Annual Reports

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