CDC-SAMI START Program in Butler County is a collaborative with Butler County Children Services (BCCS). The Ohio START (Sobriety, Treatment and Reducing Trauma) is a program that provides peer mentoring and coaching to serve as a role model for children services clients that have substance use as a primary risk factor in their case.

CDC-SAMI through this program, strives to provide hope and encouragement to families and connect them quickly to services, community resources, and recovery supports.

The CDC-SAMI Assessor serves as an important member of this team by identifying appropriate clients that may benefit from the program through their SAMI assessment.

This program is designed to increase capacity for empathic engagement, shared decision-making with families, and model successful recovery.

It is our belief that excellent communication, a shared vision, and a strong collaboration make for a healthy and solid partnership that will greatly benefit those we serve.

CDC-SAMI Director
Jennifer Wlodarczyk, LCDCIII

SAMI Assessor/Clinical Coordinator
David Brown, PCC-S

Family Peer Mentor
Rachel Lamb