The Employment Success Program (ESP), provides high quality, client focused, and compassionate behavioral health services to empower individuals to achieve overall wellness.

CDC-SAMI offers a thorough Employment Success Interview to qualified individuals who are TANF eligible at NO CHARGE TO THE INDIVIDUAL.

All individuals referred to our program will receive an Employment Success Interview which involves a standardized assessment and treatment plan that will includes referrals for services or supports, and case management activities that are designed to reduce barriers to successful employment. The goal of these services is to identify strengths and skills, along with exploring interests and passions.

It is the goal of the interview to assist the client in identifying and overcoming barriers to obtaining meaningful employment with a sustainable wage.

CDC-SAMI coordinates this program under the leadership of JFS. We work collaboratively with several Butler County agencies assist individuals to begin employment for the first time or return to the dignity of work. We also strive to connect displaced workers with resources to obtain additional training and certifications to achieve their career goals.

It is our belief that excellent communication, a shared vision, and a strong collaboration make for a healthy and solid partnership that will greatly benefit those we serve.

CDC Division Director
Jennifer Wlodarczyk, LCDCIII

ESP Coordinator
Leah Merkle, LSW

ESP Assessor
Jenna Brown, LSW

To schedule an appointment

Administrative Assistant
Laura Frederick, QMHS
513-549-6770 or 513-887-3984