Court Clinic Recovery Services/Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities (CCRS/TASC)


Court Clinic Recovery Services offers four different alcohol and other drug treatment groups:

SOS (Solution Oriented Services)
This group is appropriate for individuals that abuse drugs and alcohol and are struggling to stop use. In this group, cognitive behavioral therapy is utilized by the Matrix Model. Topics addressed include early recovery skills; thinking errors; triggers; and relapse prevention. This is a 12-week group which meets once per week.

EOP (Enhanced Outpatient Program)
This 12-week group meets twice a week and is more intensive than SOS. The EOP group is focused towards individuals that are struggling in recovery. Curriculum will introduce 12-step work and how to manage a successful recovery program. This group also provides skill-building through cognitive behavioral therapy.

WOP (Women’s Outpatient Program)
This program is designed for women who are struggling with substance use disorders or co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. This is a skill building group that utilizes both Cognitive and Dialectical Behavior therapies. The group meets once a week for 12 weeks at 909 Sycamore Street. Individual therapy and case management services will be offered in addition to the group.

Substance Abuse Education Group (Addiction Level I)
This group is for both men and women involved in the criminal justice system. It is usually for first time offenders who meet the criteria for Mild Substance Use Disorders. This weekly group runs for four weeks.

Other Services

TASC Services
TASC provides the drug and alcohol assessment, case management services, urinalysis, monitoring and referrals to services in the community.

Individual Therapy
This is available as needed or upon request. A therapist will help you focus on the impact of your substance abuse and/or mental health disorder. The goal is to begin to resolve issues which can get in the way of your recovery and adopt healthy coping skills.

Telehealth Services
This is available to all clients as needed.

Psychiatric Services
Available to individuals who may need medication to manage depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues.