Clermont County – Family Healing Center

The Family Healing Center of Clermont County provides court-ordered therapeutic visitation and treatment services, as well as supervised visitation. This program will eventually replace the observation services currently provided by Children Protective Services (CPS). The goal of the program is to help biological parents reunify with their children.

Available Services

  • Therapeutic Visitation: Observing and using those observations to understand the family dynamics and how the child(ren) interacts within the family unit. This allows the clinicians to provide appropriate and individualized interventions to help the parents and children develop positive family interactions.
  • Intake: When a referral is received from CPS, an assessment will be scheduled within three business days, depending on the schedule of the caregiver. Depending on the schedules of the parent, the foster parents, the child(ren) school schedule, etc., visits can typically start within two weeks after completion of an assessment.
  • Trauma-based Psychotherapy: Individual and family therapy.

General Information

Phone: 513.732.7193
Fax: 513.732.7194
Location: 2400 Clermont Center Drive, Suite 204B, Batavia OH 45103