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Matthew Donthnier
Matthew Donthnier“I’ve seen some of the programs first hand, like Alternative Interventions for Women (AIW), and was touched by the lives that are being changed by the compassionate experts at Central Clinic. I have complete faith that every dollar coming in is being maximized to the fullest.”
– Matthew Donthnier

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Kim’s Story

Kim D.Kim grew up in a small southern Campbell County town in a dysfunctional environment. At the age of 13, she began consuming alcohol to numb the pain and later ran away from home to the “big city” (Cincinnati) where she met drug dealers and fell in love with the lifestyle. Her drug use happened gradually and by the time she was 18 years old, she had her first jail experience. “I was arrested on theft charges,” states Kim. “I stole checks to pay for my drug habit. After staying in jail for 18 months, I was released.”

Kim essentially did not know how to “live life.” She was not taught problem solving or coping skills early on and depended on heroin injected into her veins to make it through each day.

In her 20’s, Kim bore three children and lost all three to foster environments. Her drug use continued even though her true aspiration was to go to school (she enrolled in a few classes). But, it was not meant to be; her addiction took over. She was in and out of jail. “I was homeless and felt stripped of everything I loved. My heroin use took away the pain I experienced each and every day,” laments Kim. “Yes, I got hooked; I did not know how to handle anything in life – I could not cope.”

Kim hit rock bottom in May of 2015. After living in hotels, prostituting to fund her addiction, selling drugs, and stealing for everyday living expenses, she was arrested and placed in the Hamilton County jail. She knew she had to “fix” herself and credits the kindness of The Honorable Ethna M. Cooper, Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas with her recent recovery and her relationship with Court Clinic. “Judge Cooper was the first judge to ask me if I ever received a psychological evaluation,” states Kim. “When I told her ‘no,’ she made it happen. If it weren’t for her, I would not be connected to Court Clinic and would not be on a path to recovery. I am part of the Alternative Interventions for Women (AIW) program and love it. Cognitive Processing Therapy changed my life. For the first time, I am working on the core of me; I am dealing with how I react to situations and now understand that I have to find happiness for myself. If I can rein in how I am feeling before I react, I can begin thinking in a healthy way.”

Kim graduated from the AIW program at Court Clinic in April of 2016. She admits she is a stronger woman and is quick to offer praise to the staff of Court Clinic. “Before my time at Court Clinic, I was incomplete; I felt hopeless; I wanted to die,” shares Kim. “Now, I am more courageous and can cope. It is because of AIW that I now have a solution to not use heroin.”

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Kimberly Garwood, Therapist/Case Management Supervisor
“I love my job and feel blessed to work for an agency with such a great reputation in Greater Cincinnati. Throughout my experiences in community meetings, I see how what we do is a cut above the rest. We not only look to improve the lives of our clients, but also for the system as a whole. Being a part of Central Clinic Behavioral Health is being a part of a place that really makes an impact; it feels good.”
— Kimberly Garwood, Therapist/Case Management Supervisor