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We Listen. We Connect. We Heal.

“Our goal at Central Clinic, a nonprofit organization, is to connect the right people to the right behavioral health service at the right time. One person’s healing has a cascading effect that not only helps one, but also the wellness of the family and ultimately the community.”

—Walter S. Smitson, Ph.D., President/CEO

About Us

Our Mission

To provide choices and options through a compassionate approach to behavioral health services that results in lasting recovery and resiliency for children, families, and adults.

Pamela Bowers, director in the Child & Family Treatment Center, recently represented the organization at the "Family Education Day --- Depression," which was a special education program designed for youth and families. Thank you, Pam!

Thanks to everyone who came for our first annual #FamilyEducationDay!

We were inspired by our speakers, Patrick Coyne, Dr. Emily Harris, Dr. Laura Ramsey, Dr. Mladen Golubic, Dr. Erik Nelson, Dr. Sergio Delgado, Pamela Bowers, Anthony Pantano, + our young adult panelists.