Staff Leadership

Successfully promoting lasting change for those we serve

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  • Walter S. Smitson, Ph.D., President & CEO
  • Danielle Stanton, QMHS, Chief of Staff
  • Shelley Batch, LISW-S, Director of MHAP (Mental Health Access Point)
  • Barbara Bergan, LPCC, Director of Outcomes & Performance Improvement
  • Vanessa Brown, LPCC-S, LICDC, CTP-C, Director-Family Healing Center
  • Emily Davis, PsyD., Director of Court Clinic Forensics
  • Kathy Fields, CFO
  • Kimberly Mages, LPCC-S, Chief Clinical Officer
  • Barb Namett, LISW-S, Compliance Officer/Client Rights Officer
  • Maria Piombo, Ed.D., LPCC-S, Director of Child & Family Treatment Center
  • Nelly Rimini, LISW-S, Director of Adult Services
  • Bob Scott, CIO
  • Lisa Steffen, Director of Human Resources
  • Jennifer Wlodarczyk, LCDCIII, Director of CDC Behavioral Health