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Please see the list below for regional and national services and resources. For the ‘Front Door’ to community mental health services in Hamilton County, please call Mental Health Access Point at 558-8888 any time, day or night.

Additionally, the Hamilton County United Way hotline is also available 24/7 by dialing 211.



Youth Mental Health & Wellness Social Media Campaign Guide

This guide is directed toward families and organizations that communicate with youth and young adults during a time of many stressors. The campaigns and toolkits were each created for youth, by youth, and may be focused toward a specific culture, age, gender or purpose. Following are the tools needed to choose an appropriate campaign and embed it in your community through social media channels. Each initiative has an education and stigma reduction component built in, aimed at changing attitudes and strengthening supports for those in need. The website links below take visitors directly to “Plug and Play” assets for each campaign.

If you have questions or would like artwork in different sizes, i.e. for other media like billboards or bus signs, contact the host organization for the campaign that you would like to use. See the Social Media Guide document following this page for “how-to” tips. The toolkits include educational resources and videos.

The Ohio CareLine and Crisis Text Line are support services that should be included in all outreach strategies.

Ohio CareLine 1-800-720-9616
Population: All ages
Message: Emotional support call line answered 24/7/365 for help and referrals.

Crisis Text Line Text “4hope” to 741741
Population: All ages
Message: The Crisis Text Line is a free, confidential counseling service available 24/7 via text.


Be Present (Ohio Suicide Prevention Campaign)
Population: Middle and high school age and young adults; incudes parent/caregiver support content Message: “Your Presence is a Present” – a simple way youth can be there for themselves and each other.

Life Is Better With You Here (Ohio Suicide Prevention Campaign)
Population: African American middle and high school age and young adults
Message: No matter how you feel, the circumstances or what you’re going through, you are loved.

Hey! I’m Here
Population: Teens, young adults, including Spanish language and peer support
Message: You are not alone in what you are experiencing; someone understands and can offer support.
Website. No toolkit elements at this time.

Tell Me
Population: For parents of young children
Message: Helps parents build resiliency by sharing positive messages in age-appropriate manner.


Stigma Free Toolkit
Population: Educators, Parents of youth grades 4-12
Message: Stigma-Free Society – “Let’s encourage wellness education together as a community.”

Family Toolkit
Population: Parents, caregivers and families: Early childhood through young adults; Spanish version Message: Resources to help parents, caregivers, families, and youth understand and manage anxiety, sadness and grief that comes with current times.