Forensic Evaluation

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Court Forensic

As a certified Forensic Center in the State of Ohio, Court Clinic provides evaluations to the judges of the criminal courts of Hamilton, Clermont, Adams, Lawrence, Scioto, and Brown Counties, in accordance with Ohio law. Evaluations are performed by Court Clinic staff that has the qualifications stipulated by law and include licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, and independently licensed social workers or counselors. Personnel also provide expertise and specialized services to court-involved individuals with mental health and addiction issues.

The Forensic Services unit of Court Clinic provides specialized programs around jury intervention, competency monitoring, competency restoration, forensic liaison, forensic monitoring, and mental health court management.

Location: 909 Sycamore Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 513.352.1342
Fax: 513.352.1345