Culturally Responsive Services goal is to engage African-American men and their family members with services that promote good mental health, physical well being and to improve overall quality of life.

Program Description

CRS is a program of Central Clinic Behavioral Health’s Adult Services division and is funded by Hamilton County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board.


It is a program specifically designed to provide support and services to adult illness. The program aims to engage its members with non-traditional mental health services that keep its members engaged and connected.


  • Participation in cultural events, traditions, and institutions
  • Engagement with family members and inclusion of family members in activities and events; training and education for family members for strengthening their ability to support and advocate for their family member
  • Collaboration, advocacy and coordination of services with the members’ clinical team providing traditional mental health services ( psychiatric team, case management, therapist etc.)
  • Personal hygiene and grooming, e.g., haircuts, laundry facilities, and more
  • Recreational, fitness, and social activities
  • Educational programs for members and their family
  • Activities and informational groups for enhancing self-help and empowerment
  • Group sessions that address addiction issues with members and their families
  • Telephone consultation for members, their family, and professionals
  • Outreach services to members in the community
  • Training on cultural awareness and competence for behavioral health professionals in Hamilton County

Our Team

Our team consists of our team leader, a family support worker, an addiction specialist and volunteers.

Admission Criteria

To be eligible one must meet the following requirements:

  • African American men who are 18 years of age or older diagnosed with a mental illness
  • Resident of Hamilton County
  • Current recipient of mental health services at a mental health agency including behavioral health case management services


Culturally Responsive Services
7636 Reading Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237

Fax: 513.751.8944


For more information or to enroll: Contact Alan Wheeler, MSW, Team leader