Summer 2019 Newsletter

I am pleased to announce that Mr. Greg Power has been appointed as chair of the Central Clinic Behavioral Health board of trustees.

Greg is a respected member of the board and his service began in 2015. He is the founder and president of Power Realty Advisors, a boutique investment real estate brokerage firm located in Cincinnati, OH. Power Realty Advisors specializes in working with larger institutional grade investment real estate such as Real Estate Investment Trusts, insurance companies, and state and corporate pension plans. Over his 44 years in the real estate industry, Mr. Power has completed transactions in almost every state in the United States. In November of 2014, Greg purchased Belvedere Corporation, which consists of Cincinnati’s crown jewel — the Carew Tower complex.

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A client’s letter to his therapist

Client Testimonial

Central Clinic Behavioral Health values client feedback. This story, which has been edited for space, is about a man and his therapist and how she changed his life. We hope you enjoy this and our Winter 2019 newsletter.

“I would like to take this opportunity to first apologize for the bad handwriting, that I cannot help. Yet, what I can help is the fact it would be a disservice for me go on with my everyday life without sharing what needs to be shared.

Never would I have dreamt that I would walk into a behavioral health center as one never knows what life serves up from day to day. However, being what it is, I walked those halls and sat in the waiting room with other people just like me – all with a story. Yes, I pay a lot of attention to detail which is probably part of the reason I’m a client in the first place.

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