Central Clinic Annual Report for FY 2016-2017 is available for download

A Better Tomorrow: Scotty’s Story

In foster care, sometimes there are unsuccessful placements. This was the case with Scotty – he has been placed in several homes and it did not work out well for him. When Scotty began his “relationship” with the Family Healing Center at the tender age of five, legal custody had just been given back to his mother. His services included therapeutic visitation with his father, as well as individual therapy.

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A Better Journey: Jane’s Story

“Jane” is a teenager and connected with HOPE for Children and Families in 2015. Jane had a history of significant abuse and her parents were suffering from drug addiction issues. She was living with family and made threats to hurt herself and her family. At the time Jane was referred, she was incarcerated for assaulting a family member; her caregivers were scared of her behaviors. HOPE’s goal was to help Jane and her family to get the care she needed for her to live successfully at home. Jane started out in a residential program outside of her home. As she began to progress in treatment and work towards a transition home, HOPE supported her by coordinating and funding various non-traditional services such as wraparound services, play therapy, equine therapy, and therapeutic respite. These services complemented the more traditional services such as therapy and case management that Jane was receiving through her insurance provider.

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Picture a better 2018

Dear Friends,

Greater Cincinnati is one of the most charitable markets in the United States. It is because of your generous gifts of time, talent, and treasure that we were able to provide hope and results to over 19,000 people last year so they can live full and productive lives. Isn’t that what we all want? This enables these people to be hopeful about tomorrow.

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Message from our President/CEO

Each time our Board of Trustees meets, we have a mission moment in which a client/patient tells his/her story. Every time I listen to a story, I feel an immediate connection to our enduring mission of almost 95-years. These men, women, and families appreciate our comprehensive approach to treatment through evidence-based practices and targeted case management services – they come to us to learn how to lead a full life. They find hope from our staff.

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Sweet Marissa

Meet Marissa. She was only 2½ years old when her parents connected with the Young Child Institute, a program of the Child & Family Treatment Center. Mom and dad were concerned about her emotional and behavioral functioning; her pediatrician thought she might be autistic. Since both of Marissa’s parents have developmental delays, it was important that she be assessed and treated.

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Mary has the keys to health

Meet Mary, a 63-year old woman with significant mental health concerns as well as hypertension, diabetes, and coronary artery disease who was referred to Mental Health Access Point’s (MHAP) Keys to Health program due to multiple emergency room (ER) and inpatient admissions. Mary has been working diligently with the Keys to Health staff for a year and a half.

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Meet Carol…

Carol was raised by parents who had little experience with children. In addition, she experienced much emotional trauma and did not learn coping skills from her parents to effectively deal with what was happening around her. Carol’s way to cope was to drink and this began at the young age of nine.

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In the News

Addiction recovery for women: Alternative intervention has good success rate

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – A local woman said she struggled for years with addiction until she found a program that targeted to her own needs.

It is a program for women only, that is available through Central Behavioral Health in the community. It has one of the highest success rates in the country.

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