A client’s letter to his therapist

Client Testimonial

Central Clinic Behavioral Health values client feedback. This story, which has been edited for space, is about a man and his therapist and how she changed his life. We hope you enjoy this and our Winter 2019 newsletter.

“I would like to take this opportunity to first apologize for the bad handwriting, that I cannot help. Yet, what I can help is the fact it would be a disservice for me go on with my everyday life without sharing what needs to be shared.

Never would I have dreamt that I would walk into a behavioral health center as one never knows what life serves up from day to day. However, being what it is, I walked those halls and sat in the waiting room with other people just like me – all with a story. Yes, I pay a lot of attention to detail which is probably part of the reason I’m a client in the first place.

My Central Clinic therapist, P.B., goes beyond the call of duty. Even though my time with P.B. has been very short (eight visits), she has already changed my life. When I was invited into her simple office, I could not help but notice a sign staring me in the face – literally – ‘Yes You Can.’ Some of P.B.’s first words were ‘I am going to help you.’ I am a proud man and yet I sat there and cried. It was that moment that I realized that she was not just a therapist, but someone who truly cared about me. Alas, I could go on and on about just how much one person has made a change in my life, but I won’t because there’s not enough time or paper that this world provides. 

Yet, there is one incident I want to share. I was recently hospitalized and when I communicated with P.B. that I was not able to keep my appointment and the reason why, she completely understood. Can you imagine my surprise when she knocked on my hospital door and entered my room? Don’t tell me that’s in the job description!! She gives hugs without a physical touch; I am a good reader of people and I know little things go a long way. She makes impromptu phone calls and will say ‘I’m checking on you.’

It’s a known fact that no one person can save the world, but I’ll have you know this one person has saved mine. P.B. is the one person who made me believe that when I see a tomorrow, it is mine to have as I wish. 

Life is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to challenge, but today I feel I am one of the hardest thing’s life has to challenge. Thank you to my therapist.” —D.P.

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