CDC Behavioral Health Services

The Family Healing Center staff will begin a new training designed to help people with stressful jobs and lives learn how to deal with stress and take better care of themselves.

Self-Care and Resilience for Health Professionals is an 8-week program rooted in trauma-informed protocols to build self-awareness and resiliency by teaching coping skills for use in the workplace and beyond. The work the staff does with children and their families at the Family Healing Center is difficult and may leave them vulnerable to high levels of physical, mental and emotional fatigue. This training will equip each person with the tools and tactics to be resilient due to the demands of the job. It will result in “being in the present” during service delivery, as well as a generally higher overall sense of well-being. The real beneficiaries of this 8-week program will be the children and families we support in their reunification journey because they will have relationships with staff that can manage stress and take good care of themselves.