Central Clinic Behavioral Health Receives $54,600 Grant From L&L Nippert Charitable Foundation

Central Clinic Behavioral Health Adult Services division has received a $54,600 grant from the L&L Nippert Charitable Foundation. The grant will be used to provide equipment that will take the delivery of Central Clinic’s current telehealth program to a higher service level.

Thanks to this grant, Central Clinic will be able to purchase equipment that is used during telehealth calls and increase the number of patients and clients it sees and provide a better experience to them as well as our clinical personnel. In addition, Central Clinic will be able to purchase air cleaners for the offices where in-person visits are held, which will improve the office air circulation.

“During the pandemic, we had an increase in the number of patients we saw virtually and we continue to see a large number of clients and patients using telehealth,” said Dr. Walter S. Smitson, Central Clinic Behavioral Health president and CEO. “Thanks to the L&L Nippert Charitable Foundation, Central Clinic’s Adult Services division can update our equipment and serve even more individuals who need behavioral health services.”