Central Clinic Behavioral Health Receives Seventh CARF Accreditation

CINCINNATI – Central Clinic Behavioral Health has received its seventh consecutive accreditation from CARF International. This accreditation is for a three-year period, and it applies to all of Central Clinic’s services. CARF accreditation is an indication of Central Clinic Behavioral Health’s dedication and commitment to improving the quality of lives the persons served and is the highest possible accreditation level.

In its accreditation report, CARF cited many areas of strength for Central Clinic. Of note was the satisfaction of Central Clinic’s stakeholders. “External stakeholders indicate high satisfaction with the organization’s commitment to providing quality services that change the lives of the persons served,” the CARF report states. “Stakeholders report that services are accessible and there is never a waiting list, making the clinic a leader in the county in service coordination and continuum of care. Stakeholders respect the staff members and stated that staff members are experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate, and accommodating.”

Additionally, the report applauded Central Clinic’s staff on being dedicated to its mission and continued that the staff has “worked together as a team to persevere throughout the pandemic. The organization has found creative, but necessary, ways to ensure that persons served are connected to the program through telehealth services and has also made in-person services a viable option. The organization is seen as an integral part of the community, and the persons served are expressive about their satisfaction with program services, staff members, and the leadership.”

Dr. Walter S. Smitson, Central Clinic Behavioral Health president and CEO, is pleased with the accreditation. “Central Clinic strives to keep quality services and accessibility of services for our patients top of mind. We are grateful that the CARF accreditation validates all of the work that our team has done to make these goals a reality.

Central Clinic Behavioral Health’s has been continuously accredited since 2003.