Central Clinic Behavioral Health’s Child & Family Treatment Center Receives $20,000 Grant From The Andrew Jergens Foundation

Central Clinic Behavioral Health’s Child & Family Treatment Center has received a $20,000 grant from The Andrew Jergens Foundation to support Central Clinic’s Increasing Access to Mental Health Services initiative. This grant will provide funding for children and youth whose families are unable to pay for mental health services due to lack of health insurance or insufficient income.

Some families who have private insurance that requires a co-payment may not have the income to support the out-of-pocket payments on an ongoing or weekly basis. Some children do not have insurance as this has been exacerbated by the pandemic. And families that are undocumented may not have insurance or the resources to pay or may not have access to therapy services. The Child & Family Treatment Center is building a fund to serve these children and youth, so if a child or youth needs therapy, the financial barrier is eliminated, making it easier for them to receive therapy services.

“Thanks to The Andrew Jergens Foundation, more children will be able to have access to therapy services,” said Dr. Walter S. Smitson, Central Clinic Behavioral Health president and CEO. “For families who do not have the resources to pay for these services, this provides a much-needed service.”