Summer 2019 Newsletter

I am pleased to announce that Mr. Greg Power has been appointed as chair of the Central Clinic Behavioral Health board of trustees.

Greg is a respected member of the board and his service began in 2015. He is the founder and president of Power Realty Advisors, a boutique investment real estate brokerage firm located in Cincinnati, OH. Power Realty Advisors specializes in working with larger institutional grade investment real estate such as Real Estate Investment Trusts, insurance companies, and state and corporate pension plans. Over his 44 years in the real estate industry, Mr. Power has completed transactions in almost every state in the United States. In November of 2014, Greg purchased Belvedere Corporation, which consists of Cincinnati’s crown jewel — the Carew Tower complex.

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Meet Jack

The Court Clinic provides oversight and management of the various mental health courts in Hamilton County (Municipal, Felony, Veterans), working closely with the Courts and community partners involved with those specialized court dockets. We want to share a story about a Felony Mental Health Court client.

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Message from our President/CEO

Central Clinic Behavioral Health celebrated its 95-year anniversary on April 24, 2018. The luncheon event was held at the Netherland Hilton Hall of Mirrors and was attended by approximately 350 people. We appreciated the true expressions of philanthropy as we received donations of over of $110,000. The Keynote speaker was University of Cincinnati President Neville Pinto. Ms. Dena Cranley, wife of Mayor John Cranley, was our honoree.

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A Better Tomorrow: Scotty’s Story

In foster care, sometimes there are unsuccessful placements. This was the case with Scotty – he has been placed in several homes and it did not work out well for him. When Scotty began his “relationship” with the Family Healing Center at the tender age of five, legal custody had just been given back to his mother. His services included therapeutic visitation with his father, as well as individual therapy.

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A Better Journey: Jane’s Story

“Jane” is a teenager and connected with HOPE for Children and Families in 2015. Jane had a history of significant abuse and her parents were suffering from drug addiction issues. She was living with family and made threats to hurt herself and her family. At the time Jane was referred, she was incarcerated for assaulting a family member; her caregivers were scared of her behaviors. HOPE’s goal was to help Jane and her family to get the care she needed for her to live successfully at home. Jane started out in a residential program outside of her home. As she began to progress in treatment and work towards a transition home, HOPE supported her by coordinating and funding various non-traditional services such as wraparound services, play therapy, equine therapy, and therapeutic respite. These services complemented the more traditional services such as therapy and case management that Jane was receiving through her insurance provider.

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