Connections Newsletter for Fall 2013 Is Available for Download

Attached is the Fall 2103 edition of Central Clinic Connections. We wanted this issue to concentrate on reasons and ways to donate to Central Clinic programs.

There is much to be thankful for when we read about what is happening at Central Clinic:

We invite the readers to give this holiday season, because their gift could change a life; and the children we serve give the readers a big “Thank You.”

Dr. Smitson explains our Trauma Informed Cognitive Behavior Treatment; AIW has received national recognition for this program.

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Connections Newsletter Summer 2013 Is Available For Download!!


From Our Director: Dr. Smitson encourages us to live healthier.

Do you know about our new program Keys To Health for adults? The goal is to identify high users of emergency room services, connect them to needed community services, and improve their overall health and health care.

“United Way Funds New Collaborative” explains our new program for Young Children who have experienced trauma and simultaneously need treatment for mental health, occupational therapy, and even speech therapy.

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Spring 2013 Edition of the Central Clinic Connections Newsletter Is Out!!

The Spring edition of Central Clinic Connections Newsletter is now online!!

In it, we are celebrating the fact that the Clinic is now 90 years old. That’s right! Central Clinic has had 90 years of continuous service. The message “From the Director “gives an overview of those years.

We are having a luncheon to celebrate that we have been “Building Stronger Families for 90 Years.” Page 2 gives you all the information about the celebration.

Do you know how many sites Central Clinic now has? The article “Central Clinic has Grown in 90 Years” gives a run-down of all of our locations. You might be surprised how big we are.

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